Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

So this snow storm has me thinking back to my childhood. I can remember going out to play in the snow as a child with my little brother. We did not have the snow gear that our kids are so blessed with these days. Snowpants consisted of layering as many pair of pants you could get on and still walk. Maybe even an under coating of your pajama pants to substitute for long underwear. Your Mittens were not of the waterproof thinsulate type material. No, if you were lucky you found a matching set of mittens in the closet, and they were usually of the "Knit" type that would get so covered with snow that the layer closest to your hand would start to melt and re-freeze and make it near impossible to keep them from from falling off. Like the pants you would build layer upon layer of t-shirt, sweatshirt and sweater under your winter coat until zipping it up made you feel like a stuffed sausage. A knit hat and scarf and you were almost there! But don't forget the bread bags to line the boots!!.

Now we would stay out there as long as the folks would let us. Paying, building forts, tunnels and small cities. By the time we got the call to "come in" we were exhausted, scarfs plastered with what was once inside our noses ( yuk but you know it's true!). By now our pants were true SNOWpants as they were covered ever inch in it and frozen like stiff board. We'd Frankenstein walk up the front steps and into the house and start the thaw.

Some how I can't remember being cold.. only having fun! :)
But today.. I walk from the house to the car and I am freezing!

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