Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Soap

Okay well on my last post I mentioned I would try to keep up with some Holiday Gift ideas so here I am again.  While I am not a very proficiant blogger I will try. 

The mittens in my last post have sold.  I really liked those mittens and have a bitter sweet feeling that they are gone.

Here are some fun soaps to dress up your own bathroom or gift to those who would enjoy them as well.

Sant's Beard Soap
From the Soap Garden Shop on Etsy "I've been a good girl all year long, but I always feel that a little extra kindness can't hurt; and that's why I leave cookies for Santa! This soap is what I imagine Santa's beard to look like after eating all those cookies, just covered in sprinkles. The scent of this soap is called Christmas Cookies - how cute is that? :) "

Candy Cane Soap

From Lippincott Soap Co "Our "Candy Cane" handmade cold process soap smells like a minty Christmas candy cane. The scent is a true "wake-you-up" fragrance. Sure to become a favorite with children of all ages.

This soap is made with skin-loving olive, palm, coconut, canola and castor oils. We've also "superfatted" it with shea butter for that extra boost of luxury. The added castor oil creates lots of creamy, bubbly lather."

Christmas Soap Bar Swirl in Red, White & Green

From Soap Rhapsody "Bright and cheerful, this Christmas Soap bar is swirled in bright red, white and green. The bar is the perfect addition to any bath or kitchen for the holidays. This bar is scented with my own blend of Sweet Orange with barely a hint of Clove"

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